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How do you remember a life? Snapshots? Seconds of happiness? Or a long, laborious climb to a satisfying goal? Try to figure out what matters to you with Pictures Of - a story of memorable things. 

You're Helen - photographer, wife, mother, and a woman with a decision to make.

 Guide your own life story,  see the consequences of your day-to-day choices have on you and people around you, and find out what exactly makes your life worth remembering.  It might be less obvious than you think...


  • mouse
  • ESC - exit

Submission for Warsaw Film School Game Jam III 2017


Install instructions

Unzip & Play.


PicturesOf.zip 27 MB


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I played Pictures Of! I really liked it, and I think it really touched me. Thank you for making and sharing

Hi! Thank you for playing! It's a great feeling to see other people playing our game :)